DPD Local (UK)


The API is identical to DPD UK (the only difference is the connection URL), so could this be very easily implemented by duplicating the DPD UK integration?

DPD Local used to be known as Interlink Express but was recently rebranded to sit under the DPD brand.



  • I'd second this. The DPD Local system is the same as DPD UK so hopefully adding them to Postmen should be fairly easy.

  • We are very keen to see this added. DPD Local is one of the main UK courier networks

  • Is there any update on this? 

  • Any sign of DPD Local being added yet?

  • I'd second this. When will DPD Local be available?

  • Hello,

    8 months is a long time to ignore the most requested courier addition especially considering its almost a copy/paste job, don't you think?

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