My Two Cents on Features/Functions



I've been using Postmen to generate shipments for a month already, I would like to provide some feedback to your team based on my experience with Postmen x Shopify:

1. Once orders were imported to Postmen, they should be listed from newest order to older. Or else I will have to click to the last page (or play with the filters) every time to work on new orders.
2. Imported orders should be able to be deleted easily as sometimes the orders are eventually fulfilled by another method.
3. I use HK Post E-express services most of the time. Some countries work, but some are not supported by Postmen (e.g. the newer covered countries such as Thailand). Please fix this.
4. The shipment info such as package dimensions and weight should be imported from Shopify directly, and not inputted manually.

To be frank, I'm using Easyship most of the time now because of the above shortcomings. I'm not sure if you guys should start charging next month before your product is ready.


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