Learn about Postmen’s integration with USPS

Postmen integrates with USPS and offers the lowest shipping rates regardless of the number of packages shipped. The discounted rates have been adopted to accommodate the requirements of small, large and medium-sized enterprises.

Key benefits

💲 Discounted rates

As compared to other vendors and USPS (retail) rates, Postmen offers the lowest shipping rates. Consider a package of weight 10 oz, for it, other vendors charge $5.05. Postmen, however, charges only $3.93.  Check out the pricing below!


👍 Hassle-free

All you need is a USPS Postmen Shipper account and you can print shipping labels at a discount with USPS. You can create a Shipper account for Sandbox and Production.

💳 Easy billing 

Once credit card details have been added, $20 will be charged on the card when you print the first label. If the balance is below $10, the credit card will be charged automatically.

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