Get credentials to access New Zealand Post shipping API

Access New Zealand Post shipping API via Postmen to streamline and automate delivery processes. 

📥 Get developer credentials

  1. Login to your account > Complete the Commercial access form 
  2. Request ParcelLabel API access

For queries, contact New Zealand Post API support at (keeping in cc)

📌 Required API credentials




Client ID

Sandbox / Production

 Application Client ID

Client Secret

Sandbox / Production

Application Client Secret

Site  Code

Sandbox / Production

Unique site code with your application and account

📥 Get API credentials

  1. Login to New Zealand Post API developer portal > My applications
  2. Select application > Copy Client ID and Client Secret 

For Site Code, contact your business account manager at New Zealand Post.

📝 New Zealand Post documentation

If you have any concerns, write to us at

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