Get credentials to access SF Express shipping API

SF Express is a Shenzhen based multinational delivery services and logistics company. Connect your SF Express account to Postmen and ship packages easily at your own negotiated rates.

Create SF Express shipper account

  1. Contact SF Express sales representative to create an SF Express account. SF Express will provide an account number, client code, and check word.
  2. Add SF Express courier account in Postmen > Enter the required details > Submit details

Required API Credentials

Credentials Environment Description
account_number Sandbox / Production 10-digit SF Express shipper account number.
client_code (顾客编码) Sandbox / Production

A unique identifier assigned by the courier.

check_word (校验码) Sandbox / Production

It is provided by the courier.

SF Express Developer Resources

Additional note: new users registered at SF Express after Jun 2020 cannot use Postmen - SF Express integration for now, please contact us at if you have any query on this. 

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