Get FedEx Web Services certification

When you use a third-party application to print shipping labels in a production environment, FedEx requires you to authorize the application. This is done to achieve safe and effective operations of applications in the FedEx production environment. Without the certification, you'll get an "Authentication Failed” error.

What do you need to do?

You need to send the coversheet, as well as your test labels, follow the instructions at FedEx Web Service Certification process .Then forward the coversheet and labels to .

Alternatively, you can reach out to us at and we’ll help you get certified. The certification process can take 1 to 2 weeks.



FedEx email template

Subject: FedEx Web Services certification - Account Number: XXXXX
Email body: it must contain all the below-mentioned details.

  • FedEx 9-digit account number:
  • Production Authentication Key:
  • Production Meter number:
  • FedEx test meter number:

  • Your email address:
  • Company name:
  • Contact name (FIRST and LAST NAME):
  • Phone number (including area code):
  • Printer model(s) to be utilized:
  • How many of Each Printer Model:
  • Will your application be generating shipping labels? Yes
  • Will you be shipping with Express, Ground, or both? Both
  • Will you register as a "Corporate Developer" or a "Consultant"? Corporate Developer
  • Are you using a third-party application or was the application built in house? Yes, Postmen
  • Are you requesting address validation? Yes
  • Are you requesting Courier Dispatch or Cancelling Courier Dispatch? Yes
  • Specify label image type: ZPL, EPL, DPL, PDF, or PNG

FedEx Web Services certification process

Registration process  

  1. Register at the FedEx Developer Resource Center for test and production credentials.
  2. Email FedEx. Follow the email template mentioned above. 

Generate and submit test labels

Once you have sent the email to FedEx, you will receive a reply from the FedEx team requesting you to submit shipping labels with your test credentials. Follow the below-mentioned steps to submit test labels for evaluation. 

  1. Enter your FedEx test account credential under the Postmen FedEx Sandbox account
  2. Reply to the email received from FedEx with the test labels attached to the email.

If you need help generating labels for your testing account, contact us at

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