FedEx Web Services certification process

This article details the FedEx Web Services certification process for printing shipping labels in production environment. Without certification, you can only access rating requests with the production credentials.

FedEx Web Services certification process

  1. Before you start your certification, make sure you  generate your testing credentials and production credentials from FedEx website. You can email and we can help you to get certified and we are happy to help. The process takes 1-2 weeks.
  2. Email FedEx with title FedEx Web Services certification - Account Number: XXXXX

    United States and Canada:
    All other countries within LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean):
    EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa and Indian sub-continent):
    APAC (Asia-Pacific):
  3. In the email, specify the following information:

    Production Account number: 
    Production Authentication Key:
    Production Meter Number:
    Production Password: 

    E-mail Address: 
    Company Name: 
    Contact Name (FIRST and LAST NAME): 
    Phone Number (Including area code): 
    Printer Model(s) to be Utilized:
    How Many of Each Printer Model:

    Will your application be generating shipping labels? Yes
    Will you be shipping with Express, Ground, or both? Both
    Will you register as a "Corporate Developer" or a "Consultant"? Corporate Developer
    Are you using a third party application or was the application built in house? Yes, Postmen
    Are you requesting Address Validation? Yes
    Are you requesting Courier Dispatch or Cancelling Courier Dispatch? Yes

  4. FedEx should then email you and request you to submit shipping labels with your Testing credentials
  5. Enter your FedEx testing account under Sandbox environment of your Postmen account.
    Generate labels for the service types you require under your testing FedEx account.
    If you need help on generating labels for your testing account, please email
  6. Reply to FedEx with the shipping labels to get certified. 
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