USPS Developer Guide & API Credentials

This developer guide teaches you how to get access to USPS shipping API via Postmen, and enjoy  discounted USPS shipping rates at Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP) and Cubic Pricing. See also the list of required API credentials / keys for USPS shipping API integration.

Use Postmen's USPS account or your carrier account?

If you use Postmen's USPS account, you can immediately enjoy discounted USPS rate at CPP Commercial Plus Pricing and Cubic Pricing (see USPS Rate Chart). 

If you use your own carrier account, the shipping cost depends on your shipping volume and carrier agreement. Your carrier will bill you directly for the actual cost of shipping.

Get USPS API Credentials 

  1. Register or login to a free postmen account
  2. Select  Sandbox or   Production > Shipper Accounts > USPS
  3. Get your Postmen API key at Developer >   API Key 

Required USPS ShippingAPI credentials

Credentials Environment Description
postmen-api-key Sandbox / Production Your Postmen API key to access USPS shipping API and Postmen API.

USPS Shipping API Developer Resources

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