DPD NL Developer Guide & API Credentials

This developer guide shows how to access DPD NL shipping API via Postmen. See also the list of required API credentials for DPD NL integration.

Get DPD NL Developer Credentials

  1. Email DPD NL sales representative and cc support@postmen.com
    Tell DPD NL you need to develop labels offline.
  2. DPD NL will provide: DPD Parcel Label Specification, Routing Database Specification and Manifest (MPSEXPDATA) Specification
  3. Ask DPD NL sales team to provide the following: DELISUserID, Dispatch Depot, Tracking Number RangeFTP credentials
  4. Contact support@postmen.com to generate testing label and manifest file. Send to DPD NL team for approval.
  5. Once approved, you can then move on to production mode. You are required to enter the tracking number range after you enter the shipper account details

Required DPD NL API credentials

Credentials Environment Description
account_number Production Your DPD NL Shipper account number. 
delis_user_id Production API credentials to access Production environment of DPD NL shipping API.
dispatch_depot Production Designated dispatch depot for your shipper account. 
tracking_numbers Production Tracking number range assigned by DPD NL sales team to your shipper account.
ftp.url, ftp.username, ftp.password Production FTP credentials to upload manifest file to DPD NL team to close the shipments.

DPD NL Developer Resources

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