Setup FedEx Paperless Invoice (ETD)

Postmen allows you to submit FedEx Paperless Invoice (Electronic Trade Documents or ETD) when generating labels, so that you dont need to print out invoice for shipping internationally. Do note that only  certain countries allow paperless invoice (ETD).

Enable FedEx paperless invoice function

By default, your FedEx account should support paperless invoice function and you don't need to submit a request to carrier to enable this function like UPS or DHL. If you're using FedEx Ship Manager™, you should see the FedEx ETD options when you are processing a shipment to a destination that allows inbound ETD shipments.

FedEx ETD Label Sample

If you generate the FedEX ETD label, the invoice details should be submitted electronically to FedEx, and the wordings "ETD" should appear at your label.

List of countries accepting FedEx paperless invoice (Electronic Trade Documents or ETD)

Country Country Code (ISO 3166-1 alpha 3) Accepts FedEx ETD for Inbound Shipments (destination) Accepts FedEx ETD for Outbound Shipments (origin)
Afghanistan AFG Yes Yes
Albania ALB Yes No
Aruba ABW Yes Yes
Australia AUS Yes Yes
Austria AUT Yes Yes
Bahamas BHS No Yes
Bahrain BHR Yes Yes
Barbados BRB Yes Yes
Bangladesh BGD No Yes
Belgium BEL Yes Yes
Bermuda BMU Yes Yes
Bonaire BES No Yes
British Virgin Islands VGB No Yes
Canada CAN Yes Yes
Cayman Islands CYM No Yes
Channel Islands (Guernsey & Jersey) GBR Yes Yes
China CHN Yes Yes
Croatia HRV Yes No
Curacao CUW No Yes
Cyprus CYP Yes No
Czech Republic CZE Yes Yes
Denmark DNK Yes Yes
England GBR Yes Yes
Estonia EST Yes No
Finland FIN Yes Yes
France FRA Yes Yes
Germany DEU Yes Yes
Guadeloupe GLP No Yes
Guam GUM Yes No
Guatemala GTM No Yes
Hong Kong HKG Yes Yes
Hungary HUN Yes Yes
Iceland ISL Yes No
India IND Yes No
Ireland IRL Yes Yes
Israel ISR Yes No
Italy ITA Yes Yes
Jamaica JAM Yes No
Japan JPN Yes Yes
Jordan JOR No Yes
Kenya KEN No Yes
Korea, South KOR Yes Yes
Kuwait KWT No Yes
Latvia LVA Yes No
Liechtenstein LIE Yes No
Lithuania LTU Yes Yes
Luxembourg LUX Yes Yes
Macau MAC Yes Yes
Malaysia MYS Yes Yes
Malta MLT No Yes
Marshall Islands MHL Yes No
Mexico MEX Yes Yes
Micronesia FSM Yes No
Monaco MCO Yes Yes
Montserrat MSR No Yes
Netherlands NLD Yes Yes
New Zealand NZL Yes Yes
Northern Ireland GBR Yes Yes
Northern Mariana Islands MNP Yes No
Norway NOR Yes Yes
Oman OMN No Yes
Palestine Autonomous PSE Yes No
Palau PLW Yes No
Panama PAN No Yes
Philippines PHL Yes Yes
Poland POL Yes Yes
Portugal PRT Yes No
Puerto Rico PRI Yes Yes
Saba BES No Yes
Saint Kitts KNA No Yes
Saint Lucia LCA Yes Yes
San Marino SMR Yes No
Saint Martin MAF No Yes
Saudi Arabia SAU No Yes
Scotland GBR Yes Yes
Singapore SGP Yes Yes
Sint Eustatius BES No Yes
Sint Maarten SXM No Yes
Slovak Republic SVK Yes Yes
Slovenia SVN Yes No
South Africa ZAF Yes Yes
Spain ESP Yes Yes
Sweden SWE Yes Yes
Switzerland CHE Yes Yes
Thailand THA Yes Yes
Taiwan TWN Yes No
Trinidad & Tobago TTO No Yes
Turks & Caicos Island TCA No Yes
United Arab Emirates ARE No Yes
US Virgin Islands VIR No Yes
Vatican City ITA Yes No
Wales GBR Yes Yes
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