Create shipping labels in bulk via CSV upload

Learn how to upload CSV to create shipping labels in bulk using Postmen web interface.

Download CSV Example

How to upload CSV at Postmen

  1. Login your Postmen account, and select Sandbox or Production environment
  2. Setup shipper account, and get shipper account id
  3. Fill in CSV and upload at Logs > Labels >   Upload CSV

How to fill in CSV

Header Description Shipper account id
service_type See available values at  Postmen docs by selecting courier
paper_size 4x6, 4x8, a4 or default. See available values at  Postmen docs by selecting courier International only. Invoice date printed on Postmen commercial invoice
invoice.number International only. Invoice number printed on Postmen commercial invoice
customs.terms_of_trade International only. Accepts: ddu, ddp, dap, dat
customs.purpose International only. Accepts: gift, merchandise, sample, return, repair
shipment.parcels.0.description Parcel description
shipment.parcels.0.box_type Parcel box type. See available values at Postmen docs by selecting courier.
shipment.parcels.0.weight.value Optional. Parcel weight.
If not provided, we calculate from your total item weight.
shipment.parcels.0.weight.unit Optional. Parcel unit. Accepts: kg, lb
shipment.parcels.0.dimension.width Parcel width
shipment.parcels.0.dimension.height Parcel height
shipment.parcels.0.dimension.depth Parcel depth
shipment.parcels.0.dimension.unit Parcel dimension unit. Accepts: cm, in
shipment.parcels.0.items.0.description Item description. 

If you have another item, then simply add the headers:

i.e. simply increase the number after items.
shipment.parcels.0.items.0 = first item
shipment.parcels.0.items.1 = second item
shipment.parcels.0.items.2 = third item
shipment.parcels.0.items.0.origin_country item origin country. Support ISO-3166 three-letter country code.
shipment.parcels.0.items.0.quantity Item quantity
shipment.parcels.0.items.0.price.amount Item unit price
shipment.parcels.0.items.0.price.currency Item currency. Support ISO 4217 three-letter currency code.
shipment.parcels.0.items.0.weight.value Item unit weight
shipment.parcels.0.items.0.weight.unit Item weight unit. Accepts: kg, lb
shipment.parcels.0.items.0.sku Optional. Item SKU
shipment.parcels.0.items.0.hs_code International only. Item HS Code.
shipment.ship_from.contact_name Shipper address - contact name
shipment.ship_from.company_name Shipper address - company name
shipment.ship_from.street1 Shipper address - street line 1
shipment.ship_from.street3 Optional. Shipper address - street line 3
shipment.ship_from.street2 Optional. Shipper address - street line 3 Shipper address - city
shipment.ship_from.state Shipper address - state
shipment.ship_from.postal_code Shipper address - postal code Shipper address - country. Support ISO-3166 three-letter country code. Shipper address - phone Shipper address - email
shipment.ship_from.type Shipper address type. Accepts: business, residential
shipment.ship_to.contact_name Recipient address - contact name
shipment.ship_to.street1 Recipient address - street1
shipment.ship_to.street2 Optional. Recipient address - street2
shipment.ship_to.street3 Optional. Recipient address - street3 Recipient address - city
shipment.ship_to.state Recipient address - state
shipment.ship_to.postal_code Recipient address - postal code Recipient address - country. Support ISO-3166 three-letter country code. Recipient address - phone Recipient address - email
shipment.ship_to.type Recipient address type. Accepts: business, residential 
billing.paid_by The party who pays the shipping fee. Accepts: shipper, third-party, recipient
billing.method.account_number The shipper account number of the party who pays the shipping fee
billing.method.type Payment method. Accepts only: account


  • If you are using excel for editing the CSV, please make sure you change format of the cells into text.

  • Remember to save the file as a CSV.
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