Canpar - Print Manifest

Learn about how to print Manifest summary via Canpar Canship application and Postmen. 

Why printing Canpar Manifest?

  1. Required by Canpar -  Transmit data into the Canpar database to confirm shipments to be sent. 
  2. Generate paper manifest - A paper manifest summary generated is required at collection. 

Important Notes

  1. Any Ship date -  Accept shipping labels with ship date of today, past and future days. 
  2. No Cut-off time - Just make sure you manifest before collection at end of day. 
  3. Void before manifest - Cannot edit or cancel shipments after manifest.

Print Manifest via Postmen


Print Manifest via Canpar Canship application 

  1. Login to Canpar Canship
  2. Click Pending Shipments tab
  3. Select shipments to be manifested
  4. Click Print Manifest

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