Connecting WooCommerce / Wordpress to Postmen

This guide teaches you how to connect your WooCommerce store to Postmen. By installing the free Wordpress plugin, you can import WooCommerce orders to Postmen to print labels, calculate rates and manifest.


How to install Wordpress Postmen plugin for Woocommerce

  1. Login to your Postmen Account
  2. Install the postmen plugin at wordpress
  3. Generate Postmen's wordpress API Key at Wordpress admin panel > users > Your Profile
  4. Enter the Postmen's wordpress API Keyat Postmen > apps > woocommerce

Postmen settings for WooCommerce


Update order status and order note at WooCommerce Update WooCommerce with tracking number, and tracking URL. Default is off.
Send order note to customer at WooCommerce WooCommerce to send out shipping notifications. Default is off
Order notes Update Woocommerce order notes using merge tags like *|TRACKING_NUMBER|*, *|COURIER|*.

Order status update at WooCommerce after label creation at Postmen

Postmen WooCommerce
Update order status after fulfilment Default as Completed     
Update order status after partial fulfilment Default as Processing

Payment and fulfilment status mapping from WooCommerce to Postmen

Postmen WooCommerce
Fulfilled Default as Completed   
Pending Default as Pending, On-Hold
Partially Paid No default value
Paid Default as Processing, Completed
Partially refunded No default value
Refunded Default as Refunded
Voided Default as Cancelled, Failed
Cancelled Default as Cancelled


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